Giant Tiger Flyer until March 11th

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Giant Tiger Flyer until March 11th

Postby Kimberley on Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:10 pm

Giant Tiger Flyer
with coupons, and in-store finds as well, organized by me into a more logical flow than the original flyer

Pizza Pops (assorted) 400g $1.97
Heinz Tomato Soup 284mL 4/$1
Spalding Bacon 500g $1.49
Primo Canned Tomatoes 796mL or Beans 540mL (assorted) $0.79
D'Angelo Juice Apple Melody 1.36L $0.67
Looked at this juice in-store it is 100% Juice
Tetley Tea Assorted, Packs of 24 or 36 $1.97 **CFK coupon for $0.30 off
Great Taste Jam (assorted) 375mL $1.47
Gold Seal Sockeye Salmon $1.99
Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup or Onion Soup Pack of 4 $1.97
Chuckwagons 4x120g or Ham Cheese Pita 4x100g $2.99
Soya Magarine 454g $0.79
Trophy Peanuts (assorted) 275g $1.97
Super Peanuts (assorted) 700g $1.97
Aquastar Raw Shrimp 51/60 680g $4.97
Aquastar Cooked Shrimp 71/90 680g $5.97
Exclusive Selections Rising or Thin Balls 730g $3.97
Buona Cucina Lasagna (assorted) 908g or Country Traditions Entrees (assorted) 900g $2.97
Johnsonville Bratwurst Sausage (assorted) 450g $2.96
Banquet Frozen Dinners (assorted) 191-269g $1.48
Schneiders Meatballs 900g $6.99
Schneider's Shepherd's Pie 175g or Country Traditions Scotch Meat Pies 250g $0.99
Exclusive Selections Stuffed Chicken (assorted) 284g $2.47
Maple Lodge Farms Chicken Weiners 450g $0.85
Bluewater Crunchy Fillets (assorted) 680g $7.97 (CFK and flyer coupons for this)
Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage (assorted) 375g $2.97
Piller's Shaved Meat (assorted) 175g $2.47
Europe's Best Frozen Vegetables (assorted) 300-600g $1.97 ($0.75 coupon and UPC good for KF!)

$0.99 Items:
Hunt's Thick & Rich Pasta Sauce (assorted) 680mL
Hunt's Manwich 398mL
Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta (assorted) 425g
Lipton Cup-a-Soup (assorted) Pack of 4
Mr. Noodles Pasta Bowls (assorted) 100-110g
Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding or Juicy Gels (assorted) 4x99g
Neilson Milkshake (assorted) 325mL

Flamingo Butter Tarts pack of 20 $3.97
Hollandia Cookies (asssorted) 450g or Voortman Turnover cookies (assorted) 300g $1.50
Sauce 'n Cake Pudding Mix 255g $0.67
Viva Puff Cookies (assorted) 300g $1.47
Gushers Fruit Snacks (assorted) 153g or Fruit by The Foot (assorted) 128g $1.67
Fruit Pies (assorted) 550-560g $1.97
Allan Licorice Twirls 300g $0.99
Maynards Candy (assorted) 315-355g $2.77

Health & Beauty:
Tresemme 2 pack (shamppo & conditioner 2x473mL) $4.26
L'oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Cream (assorted 14-48g) or Nivea Creme 400mL $14.97
St Ives Facial Scrub (assorted) 150mL $2.27
Freshen Up Facial Wipes (pack of 25) $1.97
Oxy Cleaning Pads $2.67

Household & Cleaners
Cashmere Ultra 3 ply pack of 8 $4.96
Renuzit Air Freshener (assorted) 212g $0.77
Fabrifresh Fabric Refreshener Spray 750ml + bonus 80Ml Sport Spray $2.47
Glad Cling Film 60m $1.77
Ultra Palmolive Dish Soap 625mL green apple scent $1.69
Electrasol Dishwasher Detergent 1.6L lemon scent $2.68

Swim Trainer Float Suit $9.97
Available in 3 sizes 2-3, 3-4, 4-5
Everything Books (wedding, , dreams, cookbook, pregnancy, getting published, baby names etc) $5.97 (reg. $22.95)

Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny 175g or Milk Chocolate Funny Bunnies 43g pack of 8 $0.99
Kindersurprise eggs 3 pack 60g $2.27
Tubs of Easter Candy $2.97
Licensed Easter Tote Bags (Winnie The Pooh, Disney) $0.99

Other deals in my local store:
Del Monte Juice Boxes (10 juices) $1.97 ($0.75 coupon) = $1.22 EACH!!
Armstrong Cheese in-store sale for $1.99 (and $0.50 coupon on shelf)
Smoked Salmon $4.97
Skittles Fruit Cream Flavours $0.25
Mini 24 piece Puzzles $0.25
CSI Crime Lab $9.99
Velvet art craft chest $4.99
Ital Pasta Macaroni Elbows & Spaghetti noodles $0.55
Nesquick Trial Packs of 1/3 the sugar $0.79 (and coupon on pack for $1 off larger Nesquick formats)

Plus at my local GT every 50th and 100th customer gets a free mug
(the number on your receipt will end in 00 or 50) Not sure if that is chain wide.
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Giant Tiger Flyer until March 11th

Google Ads

Google Ads

Postby domesticgoddess on Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:22 pm

Thanks!!! The GT's I have been going to have only had Europes Best Baby Corn...I hope they got some new ones in! :lol:
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Postby Tanyamom2boys on Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:23 pm

I think the free mug thing is everywhere...I noticed a sign at the Midland ONtario store
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